• bv - less-like pager program for piping stdout to a web-browser, in Go (golang).
  • stream-throttler - naïve text line-based naive stream throttler that discards lines above predefined threshold rate, in Ruby.
  • AcuaScanner - CLI for collecting statistics about scanned files by reading messages from stdin, which represent lines of JSON-encoded file metadata, in Go (private repo).

Forked projects

  • fsql - find-like CLI utility to search through your filesystem with SQL-like queries, in Go.
  • bcat - pipe to browser, in Ruby.
  • rabbitmq-consumer-cli - simple dockerized utility for consuming messages from RabbitMQ, in Go.
  • random-logger - customized Docker image for a random log generator, based on Alpine Linux, in Shell.

DevOps/infrastructure tools

Forked projects

Web services

  • go-openvz-api - REST API that allows to create OpenVZ containers, manage their configuration and states, in Go (incomplete).
  • trid-lookup-demo - an application (hosted on Heroku) that allows to detect type of uploaded file with cURL, powered by Sinatra framework and TrID for file type detection, Ruby.
  • url_scraper - REST API for scraping Open Graph meta-tags from URLs, in Ruby.
  • url-meta-scraper - RabbitMQ worker that downloads URLs with retry on failure, in Go.
  • sinatra-stub - Sinatra-based REST API stub, in Ruby.
  • odc_viewer - Sinatra–powered small web-service for decoding (binary) ODC (BlackBox, Oberon/F) documents, in Ruby.
  • nodejs-playground - playground for (RabbitMQ/Redis/MySQL) workers, in TypeScript/Node.js.
  • nodejs-hello-prisma - hello world Prisma ORM demo, in TypeScript/Node.js.

Forked projects

  • url-word-counter - counts words from scraped URL in Flask, in Python. Extracted from on-line tutorial.


Forked projects

  • BlackBox-Component-Framework - customized version of BlackBox Component Builder. This GUI framework gives a component-based development environment with unique features for the „Component Pascal“ (formerly known as Oberon/L) programming language (unmaintained).
  • Oberon-F-components - collection of Oberon/F (BlackBox Component Builder) components, in Component Pascal.
  • CPfront - Subsystem CPfront for translation Component Pascal to C in BlackBox Component Framework, in Component Pascal.
  • BlackBox-linux - Linux port of BlackBox Component Builder using GTK, in Component Pascal.


  • gazetteer - extract toponomy from text sources with CLAVIN (private repo, in progress).
  • zip-dedup - CLI for deduplication in multiple ZIP files for archival purposes, in Go (private repo).
  • fiber-test - test with EventMachine and fibers to process a queue, in Ruby.
  • image-processing-sandbox - my early experiments in image processing, in MATLAB.

Forked projects

  • aplot - atop log data analyzer. Read and show single metrics from atop raw logs. Useful for analyzing Linux performance in servers.
  • aes2htm - An ANSI escape sequence to HTML converter, Go package.
  • relwarc - headless driver for Chrome to navigate in WWW, in Go.

Museum, forked projects



  • lawyer-website - Ruby on Rails 5.2 application for lawyers with both WordPress-like front-side including e-catalog and back-office (private repo).
  • e-catalog-demo - e-catalog for posters in Ruby on Rails 4 (ActiveAdmin, ActiveMerchant, AWS SDK) - unmaintained.
  • rails_s3_direct_upload_demo - uploading file attachments for article with help of jQuery File Upload plugin directly to AWS S3 - unmaintained.

Forked projects

  • phash.js - sort uploaded images visually perceptual (perceptual hashing algorithm), in Javascript.
  • threejs-stl-demo - demo code for parsing and rendering STL (ascii and binary) 3D models, in Javascript.